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There are five awards to apply for and as you complete each one, you will receive a certificate and prize.

Easy 4 Steps

Whether you’re starting out in your garden or developing an existing area, the School Gardening Awards can help!
Our five-level rewards scheme provides achievable goals which will help you turn your garden into a valuable learning resource.

Each level is easy to achieve by submitting a few words and photos via our website. Once completed, you’ll receive a certificate and reward worth up to £200! 

The scheme is accessible to all ages and abilities, urban and rural areas, and is open to all schools, community groups and educational groups in the UK. earn great rewards!

“Your School Gardening Awards scheme has helped us build a garden better than we could have imagined. The children have loved working towards each goal and have a sense of achievement from taking part.” James Duncan, All Saints Primary School

Level 1

The school has basic capacity and is adequately prepared to implement the programme and be able to respond “yes” to at least five questions in order to achieve this level.

Level 2

The school has initiated the programme and basic agricultural and nutritional concepts are already established. The school should be able to respond…

Level 3

The school has successfully implemented the programme and value addition and marketing of school garden produce/products have been initiated…

Level 4

The school has established a methodology to bring the ESG programme to the community and has implemented a few innovations. Innovation can be school-based…