ECG School Gardening Awards Level 2

Reward for this level

A colourful growing year calendar full of sowing and growing tips and fun activities to do in the garden.

No matter what month or year you receive your calendar, it can be used straight away to start planning a bumper year of gardening fun.

How to achieve this level

Simply write up to 80 words about your future gardening plans – that’s it!

Scroll down to find out more and to submit your evidence for this level.

Achievement checklist

  1. Conducted nutrition counselling for students in grades 6 to 10
  2. Conducted nutritional awareness program and/or practical aspects of nutrition for parents/teachers/ others
  3. Started the production of organic manure/fertilizers
  4. Students have a clear idea on different type of inorganic fertilizer
  5. Started discovery base learning process with nursery management
  6. Conducted the program on soil management and has implemented the sustainable land Management Practices.
  7. Conducted the preparation of land /pots cultivation
  8. School has adopted the waste management strategy
  9. Innovation – research, Soil testing, edible landscape etc.