Ms. Shirani Renuka

Entrepreneurship agriculture garden is very important to meet nutrition needs and food security. It also gives visual and practice learning, activities for students. Its important to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the students which is an agriculture country. And it’s very suitable place to develop the entrepreneurship attitudes, abilities of the students. As well as entrepreneurship garden can be develop mutual support. Social networks such as Facebook,YouTube,whatsApp can be used to evaluate students abilities. Searching for knowledge, through the internet can be develop knowledge, coordination of agriculture institute. Also, students can engaged in various research activities through this entrepreneurship agri garden. Students how can face the world and competition with the world through entrepreneurship garden. As well as it can be develop social media knowledge, computer skills through this entrepreneurship agri garden program.

I wish all the best for the future development of the agriculture entrepreneurship garden. Where the agriculture knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and creativity of all provinces can be shared from one place.